Your guide to a remarkable wedding

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Remarkable wedding in Egypt

Remarkable wedding

Most of the brides & grooms get confused at the start of the planning of their big day asking about  what to do to get that
thrilling experience of such of an unforgettable remarkable wedding in Egypt…!

If you want to throw an impressive wedding, you have 2 main directions: either money or creativity. From my 15 years’ experience in the field of weddings management & planning, I would say that mix of both with a twist creates that kind of a super fun, enjoyable ,  impressive and remarkable wedding in Egypt 


Wedding Budget 

exploring the money side, an average budget for a nice impressive wedding in a 5 stars hotel in Egypt would be in the average of 40K EGP for an average of 250 persons. If creativity is on, look for an elegant open air venue and get an even more impressive wedding for the same number of guests with half of that budget.

Open air Venue and decoration :

the venue budget including the food & beverage usually represents 50% of the budget of a balanced wedding. The remaining 50% could be divided as follows: 30% decoration & 20% entertainment. The open air venue with the variety of sceneries that it would have together with an elegant royal set up and decoration would give an unforgettable impression to all the guests. Being among all this beauty could only generate feelings of joy & appreciation.


while having a famous singer is always a plus to your wedding, adding couple of interesting and decent entertainer could be as remarkable as the famous singer. A saxophone and drums could be the high light of the event. A warm violin for an entrance is just classy and different. A singer singing -1 songs brings joyful energy to the event.

Your guests do really count :

among all the weddings we attended we only cherish the memory of the ones we enjoyed the most as guests. Focusing on adding comfort and touches that show how much you care for your guests is a key point for every wedding’s success.

Some Examples:

Put the elderlies away from the speakers as it bothers them a lot & they feel trapped during the whole event. Make dinner at a proper time or put appetizers or side stations in the early part of the event if the dinner will be late. Make sure to add heaters or fans according to the weather forecast.   

Creative ideas:

a couple dance well designed by a choreographer, a group dance, a song that friends & family can share and sing along, a heartfelt speech from a dear family member or a close friend are all just few ideas that creates bonding dynamics and keeps everyone involved and interested during the whole event.

loving energy, on top of all what is mentioned before, the energies of love, compassion & understandings between the bride & groom are always reflected on the event. A feeling of harmony and love are easily felt in every corner and in every moment of the wedding.

Finally, remember that a wedding, in its core, is about sharing your joy happiness with the people that matter most in your life, your family & your friends.

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