Open Air Wedding Venue

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Open air wedding venues in Egypt is a new concept that may become the best solution to have a wonderful wedding with a suitable price. However, Plein Air, which is an Egyptian Pioneer in applying this new concept in Egypt, developed this concept and combined the indoor with the outdoor with equal quality that suits all traditional and natural-themed weddings.

We provide an open air banquet hall & full service management villa. Our tent is totally closed by the state of the art mobile Glass walls that could turn the indoor banquet hall in few minutes to an open air shade. The glass wall keeps the banquet hall warm or cool according to the need while allowing the guests to enjoy all the surrounding view & landscape. When open the tent area becomes the extended shade of the garden.

The tent is totally equipped for hosting luxurious events: with a built in enlightened plexi dance floor, kosha, glass tables, built in lighting system, built in projector & screen as well as the sound system.

The open Air area is providing a rich landscape with palm trees and flowers, a beautiful swimming pool and a Gazebo, so you will not need to rent if needed. Our open air banquet hall offers fantastic scenery and ambiance, particularly once the sun starts to set.

Lantern lights and a fabulous sunset can create a really magical end to your ceremony. More important, we have the capabilities to manage and control any weather changes.

So you get all the gathered benefits of Open Air & indoor ballroom all together in one place now in Plein Air.
We guarantee the beauty of the setting, so you will need few decorations to the site, which saves you a lot of money in decorations.

Our garden and swimming pool will provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding, with both greenery and color in the flowers. Our garden is a warm place that your guests will enjoy being in.

Also, our wedding garden site varies in size, and you can manage the space for big or small number of invitees.
Worth to mention, gardens in general offer you the chance to capture some amazing wedding photos. Just make sure that your photographer is experienced in shooting in outdoor garden settings with variable light.

We believe that you and your guests will look back on with fond memories at Plein Air open air banquet hall.


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