Outdoor Wedding Venue or Indoor ?

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Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor Wedding Venue or Indoor ? It is the first question you should answer to start planning your wedding. You have to decide if you want an indoor or outdoor venue. Each has its advantages and disadvantages; therefore, studying both for each venue is vital to evaluate all options before making your decision.

Here are the most important considerations of each type of wedding venues:

Indoor Wedding Venues offer the fabulous look and feel of their elegant style and design, which can be enhanced by special decorations, lights and effects.

The indoor venues have air conditioning, flooring, and comfortable seating for all of your guests. They also offer full protection from inclement weather, so you don’t have to worry about rain or wind or change in temperature and think about a backup plan.

Indoor venues allow more menu options without worrying about the weather’s effect on certain types of dishes. The caterer also has all the amenities may be needed. Those wedding venues offer different rooms for the different stages of your wedding, from a banquet room to a larger ballroom. Besides, lighting will not change, so your wedding photographer won’t have to keep adjusting his lens based on available light, and he won’t be worried to lose sunlight. You will have easy access to rooms dedicated to the bridal party for freshening up.

Indoor weddings are usually guaranteed to be quiet and can be more private and intimate than outdoor weddings.

On the other hand, indoor venues have some disadvantages. Your indoor wedding can be elaborately decorated for more cost or to be left simple. Also, you can be restrained when it comes to planning your décor because of the rules and regulations of certain venues. Worth to mention, it’s difficult to book a venue during the winter months since they are in such high demand and you need to be planning ahead. You will not have the flexibility to add more space or invite more guests at the last minute because the space is limited to the capacity of the venue.

More important, the venue rental cost of indoor venues is higher than outdoor venues.

On the other side…

Outdoor Wedding Venue have many advantages. They are already decorated in beautiful splendor, with flourishing trees and flower-filled gardens. They may have waterfalls or swimming pool, so you don’t have to spend a large portion of your wedding budget to decorate, it is scenic enough.

Outdoor venues provide several different spaces for your wedding’s stages, from an area for your ceremony, to an area for your cocktail party and space for your reception. You will have the opportunity to capture inspiring wedding photos with photography new outdoor techniques.

Outdoor spaces are vast and open, which provide a spacious atmosphere for your ceremony. You will have the chance to enjoy the transformation of venue’s scenery from daytime into nighttime, with colors of your décor changing, lighting effects coming on as the sun sets, giving you two different wedding setting ambiances.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of an outdoor wedding is the weather. So you have to be prepared with a backup plan, such as renting a tent if there is no building on the property. Lighting can be difficult with a lack of outlets and power sources, so you’ll have to get creative in finding ways to light up your evening.
Moreover, high heels may dig into the dirt or the sand and your guests may spend the day swat away flies and bugs.

Stay Away of the Debate
Why don’t you get the best of both worlds and choose a venue that has the advantages of both?

Plein Air came over all outdoor venues disadvantages, through combining the indoor and the outdoor benefits by providing an open air banquet hall & full service management villa. If inclement weather should occur, we have a backup plan.

The wedding venue’s event planning team can easily relocate the outdoor ceremony into an indoor banquet hall space in minutes, taking advantage of the splendid décor of the venue itself, while mixing in floral and greenery décor. You will not need to rent a tent because we have our own tent, which is totally equipped for hosting luxurious events and closed by the state of the art mobile glass walls that could turn the indoor banquet hall in few minutes to an open air shade.

The glass wall keeps the banquet hall warm or cool according to the need while allowing the guests to enjoy all the surrounding view & landscape. So don’t worry about the weather.

We also have our plan for bugs and flies by incorporating bug lanterns around your wedding space. Plus, portable cooling and warming units can create a very comfortable atmosphere for all of your guests in any season.

Catering is easily prepared and served in each type of wedding venue, so you might decide to arrange for cocktail party stations to be positioned indoors and outside for your guests’ choice.

Photos may also be taken both indoors and outside, giving you the chance to capture wonderful photos. Don’t worry about noise or privacy because Plein Air is a magnificent oasis that guarantees your privacy even if you are at the outdoor as well as quietness.

Therefore, outdoor wedding venues in Plein Air are available all the year, from fashionable springtime weddings to peak season summertime weddings to autumn-foliage beautiful fall weddings, to warm winter weddings with different atmosphere for each season.

Plein Air has the perfect mix of outdoor gorgeousness and indoor elegance.
Let’s WOW everybody


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