Iftar Ramadan

Plein Air excels in providing a different Iftar experience where you, your family, friends, business colleagues or guests can enjoy Iftar Ramadan as a joyful celebration in a fresh relaxed ambiance away from the crowd. 

Iftar Ramadan in Plein Air combines the best the city has to offer, with a menu suited to the most refined and food lovers. The elegant atmosphere together with the entertainment in the form of authentic Egyptian music gives a real impressive celebration taste to the Iftar.

Staying few hours before or after eating in a spacious green setting, praying “taraweeh” under the stars and enjoying Ramadan decoration are other flavors to be experienced along  in Plein Air. We offer a variety of Iftar menus for groups starting from 50 persons up to 400 persons.

Allow us to make your family, friends or colleagues Iftar Ramadan an enjoyable and special gathering as ever.

We also cater outside all food & beverages services upon request serving an exceptional quality and huge variety of food items.

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