Event Catering

Plein Air prides itself for catering all its in-house events for the last 15 years with a remarkable success.  Our main open buffet menu will serve as a base that you can work around with our professional team to adjust or to add items from a wide range of choices. You can add food items, corners or stations as much as you desire. Together we create that special menu that matches your wedding style.

Plein Air kitchen awarded the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) in 2012 was successfully providing outside catering for events in private villas and rented locations. We cater full buffet items including stations, appetizers and finger food menus for events of all size from 50 to 300 guests. Plein Air creative chefs and highly trained service stuff will allow you to focus on the fun and enjoy the elegantly presented high quality food.

Together We Build Dreams


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