Event Planning

Plein Air Event planning  

A full team of wedding planners together with the manager of the place herself assist you and guide you through all the weddings details to create harmony by linking all the pieces of the wedding together in a professional and stylish way.

We look at each element of the event with an equal importance, every detail matters. This is our way in assisting you creating that final impressive effect for your wedding.

Wedding decoration:

Event planning wedding decoration makes all the difference in the atmosphere of any celebration. We will help you choosing the wedding theme from a wide range of themes: Royal wedding, white wedding, colorful spring wedding theme, dreamy pastel theme and others. All the other items of decoration will follow the theme to create total harmony: Centerpieces, kosha, hall entrance, guest book table, pool decoration, floral arrangements are all matching together. To bring a more striking effect, ceiling decorations as well as different styles of flooring are also available at your choice.

We are keen on presenting our place in its most magnificent looks especially for your big day. Let’s impress all your guests.


Our in house skilled and experienced DJ is always capable to work according to your taste and to generate the mood of your choice for your event. A variety of entertainment and live performance suggestions from fireworks, classical trio players, singers, musicians, dancers and zaffa performances would add that extra spark to your unforgettable celebration event planning .

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